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Naturopathic Medicine is a different approach to health, using the roots of traditional medicine with the branches of modern science.  It is whole-person medicine, centered on empowering you to take control of your health, not just on managing your symptoms or diseases.   True health encompasses body, mind, and spirit; it begins and ends with you. 

Naturopathic doctors act as guides to assist you in the process of gaining and maintaining health.  Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are trained to assess disease, as well as lifestyle.  Using that information, NDs start first with natural, low-invasive therapies.  If needed, NDs will use higher-force interventions (if in the ND scope of practice), or work in conjunction with other practitioners who do. 

Enter the Om Zone

Looking for new approaches to live naturally in the modern world? Want to try out natural living techniques? Like to share ideas about what works and get support in making healtheir choices? 

Then join us in the Om Zone on Thursdays! Creating health is a not a single choice, but an everyday process with each choice contributing to the result. To make it easier, join us as we support each other in our journey to better health using natural medicine. Share your ideas and learn new information, try out techniques like acupuncture, chair massage, hydrotherapy, meditation, and reiki for no or low cost. We're also hosting a drop-off point for Edgewood Farm Collective's CSA (which you can join--see their website for details)

The Om Zone begins this June & meets every Thursday from
5-8 PM at World Tree Natural Medicine. There is no cost to drop in, some treatments are no cost, others will be available for a small fee. Bring a friend! Questions? Call 630-359-5522 or email us at worldtree@comcast.net.