Earth First Farms offers Southwest Michigan's finest Certified Organic apples and award-winning apple cider.
Find a local farm to pick your own produce. Listings are provided by state and subdivided by region.  

Joe's Blues Blueberries offers one of the only local and organic berry sources in Southwest MI and the Chicago area

Thrive Market
Meet most of your health food needs without setting foot in a store! Thrive Market delivers organic, healthy food to your door. Products are always 25-50% off with a low annual membership fee and a 30 day free trial. 

Environmental Working Group provides great education and research about a wide range of topics about the toxic hazards in our world. Site includes Skin Deep database of body care products and ingredients, info on seafood, food additives, produce, water, GMOs, sunscreen and environmental concerns.
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Jakes Country Meats, healthy pastured and hormone/antibiotic free pork, poultry and beef from their own farm. Nitrate free naturally smoked products available. Sustainably sourced wild-caught Great Lakes Fish, Michigan white-tail Venison, and Pure Michigan Maple Syrup.
Plus, they are some great folks to know.

To find a naturopathic doctor in other areas of Illinois, visit the Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians.
To find a naturopathic doctor in any other area of the U.S., visit the American Assocation of Naturopathic Physicians.