World Tree Natural Medicine is pleased to announce two new Health Programs: the Winter Wellness Plan and the Constitutional Reset Plan. The Winter Wellness Plan is designed to strengthen the immune system and reduce both mental and physical stress, providing optimal immune support for the winter months. The Constitutional Reset Plan is our version of a “detox” program--designed to allow your body to gently cleanse its self of accumulated waste and other toxic material, giving it a chance to heal itself. Both programs will naturally result in weight loss, better sleep, less pain, greater energy & improved vitality. Both plans can be used alone, or as a great way to kick start targeted treatment for specific conditions.


Why intensive programs? When the Naturopathic doctors of the early 20th century saw patients in their clinics, people would often check in for a weeks or months, engaging in an intensive program of daily therapies and exercise while eating healthy, unprocessed, farm fresh food and sleeping in the fresh country air. In fact, nearby Elmhurst was home to Henry Lindlahr’s “country” clinic. Lindlahr was the father of naturopathic medicine. This was a very effective treatment and remains so today. The problem is that in this modern world we can't just sequester ourselves in a spa for a whole month, instead we set you up to replicate that at home! The exercise, meditation, diet, and other components are part of your home care, while we provide instruction and perform the constitutional hydrotherapy treatments at the clinic. 

Costs. Both programs are valued over $350, and offered at a significant discount than if visits were purchased individually. For either program, the cost to current WTNM patients is only $200, which includes an office visit, your personalized plan, four constitutional hydrotherapy treatments, and a follow up visit at the end. For new patients, the cost is $260, which includes a deep discount on the first office call, half off the regular price of $120. Supplements, botanicals, and food are not included in the price.

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