Winter Wellness Program--New Patient

Winter Wellness Program--New Patient


The Winter Wellness Plan is designed to strengthen the immune system and reduce both mental and physical stress, providing optimal immune support for the winter months. It will naturally result in weight loss, better sleep, less pain, greater energy & improved vitality. This program can be used alone, or as a great way to kick start targeted treatment for specific conditions.

The Winter Wellness Plan is a two-week, intensive, personalized plan combining:

  • a clean eating diet plan
  • daily exercise and mindfulness program
  • botanical, probiotic, and nutritional support
  • twice-weekly constitutional hydrotherapy treatments

Cost is $260, which includes a deep discount on the first office call, half off the regular price of $120, as well as your personalized plan, four constitutional hydrotherapies, and a follow up visit at the end.

Optional treatments. While the programs are effective by themselves, we also offer additional treatment methods to further customize your program and try out new options. Massage was also often used with hydrotherapy for lymphatic circulation, improved elimination, and muscle health. Acupuncture and cupping, while not used traditionally in naturopathic medicine, are excellent additions to benefit the immune system, mental health, and whole body functioning. We offer these at discounted rates as an add-on to the standard plan.

  • Additional constitutional hydrotherapies only $30 ($10 off regular price)
  • Add on a deep tissue massage, only $60 ($30 off regular price)
  • Add on an acupuncture or cupping treatment, only $40 ($20 off regular price)