COVID updates

We thank you for your continued support! Here's the changes we have made to our office procedures as a result of Covid-19. Updated 8/27/20

                                                                WTNM’s Updated office rules and procedures

1.      We will limit the number of patients in the clinic at any time to one per doctor.

2.      Face coverings are necessary for anyone in the clinic. Patients are expected to provide their own. Hand washing and sanitizer will be readily available.

3.      Patients will be pre-screened by questionnaire and sign informed consent the day before a scheduled appointment. Touchless temperature check will be performed before sessions, anyone with a fever of over 100.4 F will be rescheduled.

4.      If any one feels sick (or is showing signs related to SARS Covid-19) and doesn’t want to come in may reschedule or cancel, no penalty will accrue from late cancellation.

5.      Patients are requested to come alone to their appointment, unless a second person is required for assistance or the patient is a minor.

6.      For the time being we prefer to handle transactions electronically, no checks or cash unless necessary.

7.      Patients should minimize time spent in the waiting room. Patients are welcome to wait in their car if needed.

8.      Minimize the personal items that patients bring inside.

9.      Covid-19 antibody tests are available if the patient wants to confirm if they have been exposed.


What we commit to do:

1.      Clean linens for each patient. We will decrease our use of extra linens and blankets.

2.      Thoroughly disinfect each room and all high contact surfaces after each appointment.

3.      Allow more time between sessions to ensure time for disinfection.

4.      We will wear masks during visits. We will use other PPE and gloves as necessary.

5.      All patients will have their temp taken upon entry. Any temp >100.4 F will be re-evaluated before treatment.

6.      Any new consult or return visit that can be done through tele medicine may be done remotely.

7.      All paperwork will be done electronically to minimize contact.


All procedures are subject to change according to situations and public health guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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